Hey, Cincinnati! We at M&G Body Shop love sharing good tips that help YOU – such as how to use less gas! Every penny counts, right?

So, here you go!

  • Keep a good maintenance schedule

Properly maintaining your vehicle with routine service helps your car or truck or motorcycle run at its best efficiency.

  • Take advantage of your warm engine

Did you know that once you are using your vehicle, a warm engine gets better gas mileage than starting up cold again? So, take advantage and run as many errands at once as you can – this is time-efficient AND gasoline-efficient.

  • Keep an eye on your tires

Keeping your tires where they should be pressure-wise is super important, Cincinnati!  Not only for your safety but also for the best gas mileage, too.

  • Make use of cruise control

When on a road trip, if you tend to have a lead-foot, try using your cruise control more often. Staying at a more stable speed that is not all “hurry, hurry, slow down again, hurry” will be far more friendly to your gas tank.

  • Make it a neighborhood effort to save on gas

Carpooling to work or to your kids’ soccer or baseball practice is a practical way for you and your friends and co-workers to save on gas.