Wow! You can’t believe it, can you?  It’s time to teach your teenager to drive! Eeeep!

The first thing to remember is that rules of the road change over time and vary state to state in some cases. So be sure to get the newest available “study guide” from your local DMV. Many times, these study booklets are available online for download.

Secondly, the most important rule that is now nationwide, is the seatbelt requirement. Impress upon your teen that he/she and all passengers absolutely must wear a seatbelt. Safety first!

And, you know how teenagers are attached to their cell phones. While laws vary state to state, in Ohio it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to do the following while driving:

  • Texting or emailing
  • Talking on the phone (including Bluetooth, and the like)
  • Using any type of computer (including tablets)
  • Playing video games
  • Using a GPS (hands free/voice GPS is ok)

For adult drivers (over the age of 18) in Ohio, it is illegal to do any type of texting (including reading texts) while driving. Hands-free phone conversations are ok.

Remember the old “10 and 2” you learned for placing your hands on the wheel? Some experts now agree that in the case of an accident, “9 amd 3” hand placement is actually safer. The point here is to teach your teen to have two hands on the wheel, where he/she is in most control.

Now comes the fun part – driving! This is an exciting time for your teenager – for Mom and Dad, too! So, RELAX, and enjoy this life-changing milestone. Soon, your teen will be driving YOU to the store!