Well….for a lot of crops, it’s close to harvest time. That means, there may be frequent tractors and other farm vehicles on the more rural roads. While being behind a slower moving farm vehicle can be frustrating, the fact is that they need to get where they are going, too. Patience this time of year is essential.

  1. Be aware, that this time of year, you need to be more cautious and on the lookout for farm machines, especially if you drive the back roads often.
  2. Keep a safe distance when you see a tractor ahead of you.
  3. Have you seen those really, really large/wide farm machines? Remember that these simply cannot get out of your way onto the road shoulder. Use extreme care around these larger vehicles.
  4. If you are about to pass a slow-moving agricultural machine, triple check that all is clear.
  5. If the road you’re traveling has tall crops in the fields on the sides of the roadway, be alert and on the lookout for tractors entering the road from the field. Visibility could be obscured by taller crops.

What it boils down to is being aware of your environment and surroundings, using extra safety precautions, and having patience. If you’re too frustrated, think of your favorite delicious veggie and how much you love visiting that corn maze or pumpkin patch in the Fall….at some point a tractor or combine harvester helped bring your favorites to you.