Do you REALLY need to follow a vehicle maintenance schedule? Well, it may feel like a big pain for you to do so, but it will be way less of a pain when you can avoid major car and truck repair expenses with a little preventative care. So, M&G Body Shop‘s answer is: yes, dear Cincinnati, you really should follow a regular maintenance schedule on all of your vehicles.

Think of the recommended factory maintenance schedule like you do your regular visits to your dentist. It’s much easier to get your teeth cleaned on a regular basis than it is to get a filling or crown, right? That’s why the vehicle industry recommends preventative maintenance – just like your dentist has a recommended schedule for the care of your teeth!

Ben Franklin’s timeless quote, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” certainly applies.

Check with your vehicle’s factory recommended maintenance schedule and work it into YOUR schedule to prevent major expenses down the road (pun intended!).

The most frequently overlooked:

-Checking and replacing timing belts

-Brake check ups

-Tire rotation

Sure, an oil change is a breeze and hopefully most people remember to do those, but the other items on the factory maintenance checklist should not be overlooked nor ignored.