Keeping your vehicle clean and maintained is important for many reasons. For example, with the Cincinnati winters come brine and salt on the roads. Removing that keeps rust and other problems at bay.

Also, keeping a clean exterior as well as maintained interior helps you preserve as much value to one of your biggest purchases as possible. When the time comes to trade in – or sell – your car or truck, it’s far easier getting it spiffed up if you have been maintaining it well the entire time that you’ve owned it!

Most people are happy to run their vehicle through the car wash or to enjoy a nice weekend afternoon and give it a good hand-wash at home.  Then, a quick vacuum of the interior and you’re done.

It’s a good idea, though, to have your car “detailed” every so often. What does this mean? Well, it means details! All of the interior nooks and crannies are cleaned and the interior is also deep cleaned (usually steam cleaned). A vinyl, leather or plastic cleaner and protectant is often used on those types of interior surfaces.

Detailing the exterior of your car or truck may include waxing and buffing and special attention is given to chrome. A reconditioning detail can extend even further than that with minor paint, scrape and dent correction.

Discuss with your provider what your needs are, what you are expecting, and the cost for these services – a thorough clean and shine or several steps beyond that to a complete reconditioning.