After an accident, it is important to get an estimate for your vehicle. This is especially true for fender benders, as minor damage to the front of the vehicle, such as scratches or dents, could lead to significant repair costs in the future. Though it may seem minor, it is always best to get an estimate on the damage whenever possible. In this article, we will discuss the importance of getting an estimate after a fender bender, so you are ready in the future.

Knowledge of the Damage

Even minor accidents can cause underlying issues that are not immediately visible to you and need evaluation by a professional. If the damage extends to the engine or other components in your car, for example, there will surely be more issues with the vehicle farther down the line. In getting an estimate, you can avoid these future costs, as well as obtain information about the scope of the damage to ensure you get all the necessary repairs. Additionally, with the information the estimate gives you, you can make an accurate decision on whether you want to pay out of pocket, or if the price is high enough that you should file an insurance claim to cover the cost of repairs.

Negotiation with Insurance Companies

Though this may not be an immediate thought, an insurance company will want to know the cost of repairs before agreeing to cover expenses. Having an estimate will allow you to provide them with an accurate number, as well as avoid disputes over the cost of the damages. Without this information, your insurance company can lower the payout or deny the claim altogether, leaving you to fix the damages on your own. Furthermore, an estimate helps you negotiate with other driver’s insurance companies should they be found to be at fault for the collision.

Protects Resale Value

With even a little bit of damage to your vehicle, the resale value of your vehicle will decrease. If you do not fix it in an appropriate amount of time, the resale value will drop significantly. This is because, if left untreated, could lead to rust and many other issues. With an estimate, you can get the repairs to ensure that this does not happen, retaining the value of your car, and making it easier to sell in the future. Therefore, it is important that you get an estimate if you plan on selling your vehicle in the future.

Hopefully, after showing you the importance of getting an estimate after a fender bender, you will bring your car into an auto body repair shop shortly. If you are struggling to find a repair shop that you can trust, reach out to M&G Body Shop. Providing customers with quality services for over 20 years, our professional staff is ready to exceed your expectations. Call us today with any concerns or questions you may have about our free estimate!