It’s that time of year – salt and brine on the roads to keep you safe when driving is great when you’re on the road but can wreak havoc on your car! We at M&G Body Shop want to remind you to get that salt off your car!

Did you know that that salt and brine can bring on the huge threat of rust on vehicles? And rust leads to corrosion. Things you want to avoid!

Luckily, the fix is easy: WASH YOUR CAR! Especially wash after a bout of weather requiring the salt trucks to do double duty out there! Taking care to get the salt off your cars and trucks before any issues set in is the easiest and most cost-effective measure you can take to keep your vehicle rust free.

One more tip: make sure to spray that undercarriage! That area of your vehicle gets the brunt of the salt and brine, and it will need your attention, too!