We’ve all been there. Your estimate says about 4 hours of time but it’s longer than that before you get your car or truck back from “the shop.” You need to know that any reputuable body shop – and certainly here at M&G Body Shop – explains your estimate AND explains the expected turnaround time. Estimate time indicates amount of work time charged. Turnaround time includes paint drying time or metal work “relax” time, just to give two examples.

Let’s say your estimate indicates four hours of paint time. It should be explained to you before any work is done that for every 20 minutes of “paint time,” there is 40-45 minutes of in-bay time (drying). “Paint” includes about 16 coats by the time you count primers, paints, and UVA or clear coats. So, it’s realistic that a four-hour paint process – when the appropriate waiting time is included – actually takes about two days to accomplish.

It is the same with metal working – the metal must be made malleable so it can stretch, but then there is “relax” time that needs to be factored in when talking about turnaround time.

Again, we at M&G Body Shop cannot stress enough that going through the estimate with the customer must include a realistic idea of when you can drive on out of here!

For more information, see what M&G Body Shop owner Linda Weil has to say: