School’s out, weather’s nice, and vacations abound! It’s SUMMER!! We at M&G Body Shop know that it’s time for everyone to have some fun in the sun….

And, that incudes kids riding bikes around neighborhoods, bicyclists sharing the road, plus more motorcylists sharing the road, too!

Take the time to be more aware of your surroundings when you’re driving. Especially in neighborhoods or near parks and other recreational areas, please watch out for kids running around playing or riding their skateboards or bikes. On the street, children don’t always realize that popping into the road from behind a parked car is so very dangerous. SLOW DOWN and remember that kids are not in school right now.

The warm weather brings bicyclists out for sure. Use extreme caution around those who are sharing the road with you these summer months. It only takes a minute for a bicyclist to have a fall and enter your path. Same goes for motorcyclists — they, too, are out enjoying their summertime road tripping. Be more aware and always have safety in mind around those on two wheels!

Summertime is a fantastic time to take some day trips, go on a long road trip or even just go out for a nice drive. If you wanted to get out and enjoy a fun summer day, more than likely a lot of other people had the same idea! Adhering to a few safety tips and stepping up your road awareness is a great plan to have on your summer checklist.