Of course we all know they’re out there on the road: large trucks and semis. We at M&G Body Shop have a few tips for how to safely share the road with these larger trucks.

First, know that truck drivers have a lot of blind spots – on the sides and behind the truck. So always pass on the left because there are less blind spots on their left side. Always remember that if you cannot see a truck’s side mirrors, the truck driver most certainly cannot see you.

Stay a safe distance behind a truck. This will increase the chances of your being out of the driver’s blind spot. Also, if the larger truck encounters some type of emergency such as a blown tire, being a safe distance behind helps you to avoid the truck – and torn tire treads – more effectively.

It seems odd, but large trucks have more trouble in windy conditions than smaller vehicles. If there is a wind advisory or if you are struggling with the wind while you’re driving yourself, an extra measure of distance away from large trucks is the best rule of thumb.

Lastly, remember that large trucks and semis make wide turns, especially right turns. Give them room.