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With so much focus on the quality of indoor air these days, it’s easy to see how misinformation can spread as quickly as the germs and contaminants indoor air quality solutions claim to prevent. With fear about viral infections, COVID-19, and other contaminants at an all-time high, fear can play a dangerous role in purchasing decisions to find solutions to clean indoor air and keep your home, office, school or commercial location safe. But without the proper data and information, you could fall into the trap of implementing a solution that makes things worse, rather than better.

 Get the information you need to know to ensure you are making safe decisions and ensure the air at your location is breathable and clean for the people you need to protect.


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Do Filters Really Work?

As you set about your journey to deciding the best solution for your indoor space, avoid fear-based decision making. Pause to inform yourself before making a decision that could endanger the people around you.

Many clean air solutions endanger the people and environment around you by deploying unsafe, passive technologies that encourage contaminants to pass through populated areas on the way to filters or trap dangerous contaminants in centralized locations.

Look instead for a solution that works, actively, to rid the air of dangerous germs and contaminants instead of trapping them in one place, creating a dangerous hotbed of potential infection.

Reliable information. Safer decisions. Cleaner air.



Our mission is to deliver dependable and reliable information about air quality solutions to inform safer decisions and cleaner environments for indoor spaces around the world. People make smarter decisions when they have continued access to well-researched, science-based information. Our goal is to make this information easy and accessible to people and companies, thereby keeping people healthy, safe and breathing clean air.

Choose a reliable solution for indoor air quality. The more you know. The more you can protect the people you love.

           Before deciding on a qaulity indoor air solution for your office, school, or home, ask yourself these questions


Is this air quality solution self-sustaining?

Is the technology powering this air solution active or passive?

Who will ensure the air quality system is maintained properly?

Will maintenance procedures endanger the people in the environment by reintroducing trapped contaminants?

Does the system eliminate contaminants or encourage them to travel through populated areas?

Does the system include a sustainable indoor air quality (IAQ) preventive maintenance plan?