From in-car GPS navigation to mobile connectivity to colorful display screens to super “sensing,” vehicle manufacturers today are working hard and fast to stay abreast of consumer demands for technology-equipped rides and instant connectivity within the vehicle.

Among the new connectivity options that come standard in many new vehicles today are:

  • Internet connectivity and navigation
  • Emergency assistance – crash or voice activated
  • Mobile connectivity such as Apple CarPlay ™  or Android Auto ™
  • Display screens – in color and audio-enabled
  • USB audio interface
  • And, much more

Recent surveys have indicated that drivers enjoy all of the conveniences of tech-enabled driving and also indicated that they feel “safer” on the road with the heightened levels of technology in newer manufactured vehicles.

One important thing to remember is that: Connectivity features and “sensing” features can most certainly assist in accident avoidance but they are in no way a replacement for always driving with safety in mind, keeping safety rules in practice, and knowing that technology cannot guarantee safety and zero accidents.

In fact, drivers should be cautioned that some of the “new features” available today could actually increase accident risk due to connectivity distraction.

Make it priority to practice safe driving and use common sense when taking advantage of on-board features such as Internet – these types of applications are best strictly used when the vehicle is safely parked.