So….when you’re contemplating taken down those house window screens and cleaning those windows, or airing out all the drapes and curtains in your home….take a second to plan a good Spring cleaning of your car or truck, too! And….if you’re just not in the mood – we’ll just sneak in a little reminder here that M&G Body Shop are experts at detailing the vehicles around Cincinnati! See, not just a collision repair shop, after all! Read more here.

If you’re going to Spring Clean your car or truck yourself, here are some helpful tips:

  • Check out the wipers – make sure they are ready for spring storms and showers!
  • Thoroughly clean the interior – that means the nooks and crannies (like that sticky cupholder – ewww)!
  • Wash and wax the exterior.
  • Take time to inspect your tires, check your tire pressure, and shine up those hubcaps.
  • Inspect (or have it checked out by a professional) under the hood – those hoses and belts tend to get very dry or even crack during the cold months.
  • Clean out the console and dash and re-organize – you’ll be glad you did!

Contact M&G Body Shop if we can help!