Cincinnati’s M&G Body Shop cautions everyone with three imperative safety tips to remember when sharing the road with motorcyclists – we want EVERYONE to be safe no matter if you’re driving a car, truck, motorcycle or even bicycle!

Motorcyclists are out and about – particularly on the weekends in good weather. If you’re driving a car or truck, paying a little extra attention and using some common-sense etiquette is the smart way to go:

  1. Motorcycles can stop much more quickly and can react in a shorter time frame than automobiles. Use extreme caution and on alert for quick stops when you have a motorcycle in front of you. Rear-ending a motorcyclist can be deadly for its driver.
  2. Be careful when passing a motorcycle and know that you need to be checking your blind spot for sure when you see motorcycles are sharing your stretch of highway.
  3. Do not even THINK about “sharing a lane” with a motorcycle. Motorcycles should be afforded their own lane, the same as any other vehicle. It may look like they have a lot of space next to them, but remember that it is THEIR space. Ignoring that is inviting an accident and is also against the law.

It’s a good idea to always keep in mind that an accident involving a motorcycle is almost never “minor.” Do your part to keep yourself and the motorcyclists who are sharing the highways and byways safe.