Summertime, summertime, sum-sum-summertime! It’s FUN time – vacations, going to the pool, carting kids everywhere – it’s just a great time of year! M&G Body Shop reminds Cincinnati of some safe driving tips as everyone goes about their travel and summertime activities:

  1. Planning a road trip? Be sure to double check your vehicle’s tires. Keep them at correct pressure and replace when the tread indicates it’s time! Taking care of your tires helps protect against accidents and improves your gas mileage, too.
  2. Be sure to wear your sunglasses – and keep your windshields clean to avoid unwanted glare.
  3. When Mother Nature sends a downpour, keep in mind that roads are slippery – especially within the first 30 minutes of a shower because the rain is mixing with oil, grit, and dirt that’s on the road. Use caution.
  4. Don’t overload your vehicle’s weight capacity when packing for vacation. Although that sounds hard to do, it is a good idea to know the maximum weight for your car or truck’s safety in case you’re loading up for a massive vacation or even moving.
  5. It’s the time of year when children are out on their bikes or just out playing in their yards or walking to their neighborhood pool. Use caution in residential areas and other areas where pedestrians are sharing the road.

Have a great summer!