You read a lot about preparing teenagers for safe driving. Today, however, we want to talk about our senior citizens. As we age, there are certain changes that we all need to address, especially when it comes to safety and that includes safe driving.

It is a fact of aging, that hearing, eyesight and perhaps even mobility undergoes changes. Whether it is yourself, your parent, your grandparent, or other loved one, it is vital that any types of vision or hearing changes be addressed by a medical professional. Any change in reaction time to a situation or in reflexes should always be discussed as well.  Many times, a simple adjustment in glasses prescription is all that is needed!

Because laws can be fluid state-to-state and even change on a fairly rapid basis within a state, “refresher” courses or brushing up on these changes is never a bad idea. Sometimes certain refresher courses could even mean a special discount on insurance!

Lastly, seniors should drive cars where they feel comfortable and that they able to navigate well and see out of properly. Test driving several different makes and models when car shopping is truly more important for seniors than anyone else because visibility and “blind spots” are top factors for seniors to contend with when making sure they are completely at ease on the road.