Who’s up for a road trip? Who really does do #TravelTuesday? M&G Body Shop has a few ideas to help our Cincinnati friends be prepared!

  • Plan your trip! (Or, just wing it? That could be fun, too!)
  • Make sure your car is filled up, the oil is changed, and the tire pressure is good.
  • Take an old-fashioned map or be sure you have GPS or smart phone app! Getting lost for any real length of time is a bummer.
  • Pack lots of water and extra snacks – especially if you have children with you.
  • Pack a water bowl and food bowl (and food) if you’re bringing along your dog.
  • If it’s a long day trip, be sure to pack a cooler for your cold food items and drinks!
  • Games, video games, dvds, appropriate electronics, etc., to entertain the kids.

These are just a FEW hints for a day trip or mini-road trip! Have fun and be safe!