Hip, Hip, Hooray!  Summer is almost here! Everyone is looking forward to summer fun in the summer sun. Your car…well, maybe not so much. Be sure to protect your paint from summer sun damage!

One thing many of us like to do in the summer is go on vacation or take a weekend road trip – and you know how dirty your car gets on a trip  — for instance, bugs, dirt, dust, and whatnot stick to your car and the hot summer sun makes it even worse. It can practically glue this stuff to the paint!

Luckily, a few things will protect your paint and keep your car looking like new:

  1. Wash it! A regular wash is recommended especially if you have debris on your car. Don’t let the sun bake it on! At the least, rinse the car off on a consistent basis.
  2. Taking the time to dry by hand never hurts. This prevents spotting or any type of hard mineral deposits from marking the paint job.
  3. Wax your car or consider having a professional detail done. M&G Body Shop has detailing services and we would love to help keep your car in tip-top shape!
  4. Lastly, if you are able, keep your car parked in a garage. Parking in a cooler place out of direct sunlight benefits not only the paint, but the interior, too!

Some more good info in video below: