Ah, the weather is getting lovely and the air is getting crisp – everyone loves Fall, right?  Fall is also time to take stock and prepare for what Winter brings and that includes making sure your are prepared for Winter weather when you’re driving.

Taking the time now to check off items from a Winter essentials kit is easy and doesn’t take much time at all – but, oh, the time and angst it can save you when the first truly Winter weather hits!

Gather these tools now and keep them in your trunk and you’ve got your weather essentials kit basically compiled:

  • An good, reliable flashlight and some extra batteries
  • Cat litter – yep, a bag of kitty litter – it can help you get traction if you get stuck in some ice or snow
  • A heavy-duty ice scraper for your windshield
  • A multi-purpose utility tool – a pocket knife will do
  • A warm blanket is a good idea, too, in case you just couldn’t get your car to start and you need to wait on help during really cold temperatures.

This Winter, before you head out on a trip and particularly if you’re driving to a region with even worse weather than where you live, be sure to pack non-perishable snacks such as granola bars and nuts plus plenty of water for everyone in the car. If you have car trouble or get stuck somewhere, extra provisions are a must.

In other words, be prepared. Winter is coming whether we want it to or not!