Every parent wonders sometimes what on earth their teenager is thinking. In fact, we at M&G Body Shop came across some interesting data from a National Young Driver Survey and we want to share it with Cincinnati parents, family, and friends of teen drivers.

The National Young Driver Survey was sponsored by State Farm Insurance and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia – it determined teenagers’ thought processes regarding 25 at-risk driving scenarios.

Per the article on State Farm’s website titled “Driving Through the Eyes of Teens: A Closer Look,” here are several interesting and impactful findings:

  • “Teens don’t consider themselves inexperienced drivers”
  • “Parents play a crucial role in teen driving safety”
  • “Limiting primary access to vehicles during the first 6 to 12 months of driving is important”
  • “Unlicensed teen drivers engage in more unsafe driving behaviors than licensed teen drivers”

These insights can be a useful tool for parents, teachers, and mentors to discuss with teens who are learning to drive or those who have limited driving experience.