While it’s not quite time yet, it’s not too early to think about winterizing your RV or motor home.

Here is a handy checklist to get you started when you put your RV baby down for a long winter’s nap:

  1. Secure your location – a covered location is best, but if you have to store out-of-doors, then a motor home cover or tarp, securely fastened, should protect your RV from the elements
  2. Shut off propane tanks and remove them from your vacation vehicle
  3. Unplug the battery
  4. Empty all sewage tanks and empty all water tanks*
  5. Fill up all of your fluids, including gas (but do drain all your water tanks and have all the pipes air blown (compressed air)
  6. Make sure all circuit breakers are turned off
  7. Always, refer to your manual or dealership for more in-depth winterizing instructions

*Never try to drain your water heater while it is under pressure or while it is hot!