Here are three tips to know when you bring your car in to a body shop for repairs:

1. In Ohio, you are required by law to get only one estimate; insurance companies sometimes ask you to go to a shop of their choice or to get more than one estimate; you may go to any shop you choose.

2. Our shop might write you a different estimate than another adjustor or insurance company because there are three or four different estimating systems that are used – some estimators or adjustors write a short estimate versus a full and complete estimate, so there can be differences sometimes.

3. Make sure you are checking on your warranty – M&G Body Shop gives a lifetime warranty in writing for as long as you own your car – most shops give you 90 days or one year which is all that is required for most insurance companies.

If you have any questions, we encourage you to come by and talk to us! We are located at 12018 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45231. Or, give us a call at 513-851-9056!