The holidays are coming, the holidays are coming!! Are you traveling? There’s so much to do and to look forward to when traveling to be with loved ones for the holidays or perhaps traveling for a quiet getaway over holiday break. One thing to NOT overlook is being prepared and ensuring safe travels.

Some of these tips are common sense and some of them are ones that bear reminding:

  • You vehicle probably needs a check up. Getting the oil changed and maybe even a good tune-up are good items to check off as completed on your to-do list – BEFORE you hit the road.
  • Do you have your emergency supplies packed? Check out our blog about preparedness for winter weather.
  • Try to relax. Already have in your mind that traffic may be crazy when you’re on your holiday trip. Try to time your departures to avoid the worst of the heavy holiday traffic. Don’t stress if you hit some extremely slow areas. Just accept it for what it is and pay attention to your GPS showing slowdowns. Knowing in advance that traffic could be an issue can go a long way to keeping your frustration level somewhat contained.
  • Don’t drink and drive! If partaking is part of your holiday fun, choose a designated driver. Make a plan and stick to it.

Have fun this holiday season and, remember, safety first!