With the joy that comes with snow on your lawn, also comes with the dangerous hazards of driving on wintery roads. As most know, driving in the winter is an entirely different ballgame than driving in other conditions. It comes with snow and ice that causes your car to lose friction and causes damage to your vehicle even if you are not driving due to the freezing temperatures. Here are five tips to keep you driving safe and free from winter auto collisions through this cold and snowy time.

Prepare Your Vehicle

To prevent damage to your car throughout the winter, it is important for you to have a professional install new wiper blades, inspect your battery, check the pressure in your tires, and add antifreeze to your vehicle. All these parts of your car are key reasons some get into accidents or the reason why their car obtains damages. To prevent damage to your car before even hitting the road, it is important that your car has the right gear to handle the weather.

Adjust Your Driving

Driving at other times throughout the year, the roads are a lot safer in terms of your car’s ability to function properly. However, with the threat of snow and ice that can cause your car to slide, it is imperative that you maintain slower speeds. Since there is the threat of skidding, it is also important you leave more distance between your car and others, as this prevents you from skidding into them. Leave as much distance as you see fit, though your following distance should be at least five to six seconds.

Being Predictable Avoids Winter Auto Collisions

The last thing you want on the road is the other drivers around you not knowing what your intentions are while on the road. If you are turning onto a different street or into a certain space, use your turn signal well beforehand to give time for others around you to make the necessary adjustments. If you plan on stopping or slowing down faster than anticipated, give the people behind you a warning by flashing your brake lights.

Stay Home When Possible to Avoid Winter Auto Collisions

The most obvious way to keep yourself from getting into a crash is to stay in as often as you can. Although this is not always plausible, it is important to check the weather and road conditions beforehand if you do plan on driving so you know what to expect. However, when at all possible, you should try to stay in the comfort of your home or residence.

Learn How Your Car Functions

Even with all the above tips, there will be times when your car skids or does not function correctly. It is vital to know how to fix this before going out on the roads, so you are better prepared if it happens. Look into what type of brakes you have, whether they be antilock or non-antilock. If you have antilock brakes, press firmly on the brakes, and if starting to spin, turn towards the spin to gain control of the vehicle. If you do not have antilock brakes, gently pump the brakes.

Additional ways to keep yourself from being a victim of a winter collision is by avoiding distractions, turning off cruise control, and most importantly, clearing the snow off your windows before leaving. Understanding that the conditions are different and more dangerous than in other seasons, as well as acting on these tips, will help to keep you out of a crash. If you have any questions or concerns regarding winter auto collisions, contact M&G Body Shop today!