Last month we blogged about keeping safe while driving in the city. Driving on country roads has its own set of challenges to consider.

Here are some tips for navigating those country roads:

  • Know that there are always “unknowns” when traveling a country road with which you are unfamiliar. Sudden curves, a particular pothole that has never been fixed, animals that may dart out. Be extra alert when driving those backroads.
  • Use common sense on your speed. Just because a particular speed limit is posted, doesn’t mean you have to go that fast – especially in an area where you haven’t driven before or haven’t been on in a long time. Adjust your speed accordingly.
  • Wet leaves can be very slippery! In the country during certain times of year, there are likely a lot of leaves that have fallen. When moisture from heavy dew or rain is on the roadway, those leaves are super slippery. Bear that in mind.
  • Going back to the “unknowns” indicated above, remember that you don’t really know what is around that next bend – a deer, a narrow bridge, or even a large tree branch. Remain especially alert when navigating turns on a country road.
  • Ok, it’s going to be dark in the country at night. Really dark. Use your car lights accordingly! And if you are about to blinded by someone’s oncoming high beams, concentrate your eyes on the white line on the right side of the road or other marker or road edge for guidance so their high beams don’t create a bad visual situation for you.
  • If you’re a local: if you live in the country and drive your area everyday, it’s human nature to take some risks – driving too fast around a curve that you know like the back of your hand, for example. Just because you are familiar with a country area, you should still practice safe driving as if you were driving in big city rush hour traffic.