Whether you’ve been driving in the city all your life and are now imparting driving wisdom to your teenager or if you are the country mouse driving to the city only occasionally, there are a few things you might want to know:

  • Those darn one-way streets! You just need to know that in the “big city,” there are unquestionably going to be one-way streets. Be observant and be prepared. Going the wrong way down a one-way street is most definitely a recipe for disaster.
  • Know the law. Let’s say you’re traveling through a bigger city in a different state from where you reside. Did you know laws can differ state-to-state? For example, it’s unlawful in some cities to make a “right on red.” Taking a little time to look up some street signs and local law in your destination takes just a few minutes of website time but could save you from a big headache later.
  • Watch for bicyclists.  People on bicycles are all over city streets, contrary to what you may imagine. Bike couriers, bike commuters, tourists, etc., are all two-wheeled entities to keep an eye out for! Use caution when changing lanes on a city street and even when you’re parked on the street – be careful opening that car door!
  • Ugh, the dreaded parallel parking!  The fact is, if you’re driving and parking in the city, this is a skill you need to have mastered. Practice somewhere if you need to brush up on your parallel parking finesse!

If you’re seriously not used to any city driving, here’s a bonus tip: city drivers honk. A lot. Don’t let it get to you or fluster you.