That was quick! Summer is ending for all the area school children and they are heading back to school! All drivers should take extra safety precautions where children are walking to school or catching their school bus!

Please remember, when you’re near a school or in residential subdivisions, there will be children walking, parents picking up or dropping off kids, school buses doing the same, and likely even more kids riding their bikes. Extra care at this time and in these areas is imperative.

Some safety tips include:

SLOW DOWN in school zones. Be watching for children and for crossing guards.

STOP FOR SCHOOL BUSES! Vehicles in both directions on 2-lane roads must stop; on multi-laned roads, vehicles in both directions must also stop; and on a divided roadway (like a highway), vehicles behind the bus must stop.

PARENTS, THIS MEANS YOU, TOO! It’s all too easy to be in a hurry to get to work after dropping off your child at school. Please continue to drive slowly in the school zones, watching for children, teachers, crossing guards and other parents. Try not to double park if you’re walking your child into the school. This can hold up school traffic and also create blind spots – particularly because small children might be apt to run between parked cars.

Be safe!