This is awful to contemplate, but it happens. A hit and run. What should you do?

  1. Do NOT chase after the person that hit you. For one thing, people who do not stop when they are in an accident could be dangerous. Secondly, if you, too, leave the scene of the accident, then the authorities may just end up questioning who caused what.
  2. Do not wait to call the police and your insurance company. The sooner the police are contacted, the greater the chances that the person who fled the scene of the accident is located.
  3. Do get as much information as possible including the other person’s license plate if you or any eyewitnesses saw it as well as the make or model or anything else memorable about the vehicle that fled. If you saw what type of dent or other damage the other vehicle sustained, be sure to describe that in detail. Note which way the other vehicle drove off, if possible.
  4. Do document the damage to your own car or truck. Take pictures of the all damage. Ask for any eyewitnesses to detail their account of the accident and get their names and numbers. Take note of the approximate time of the accident.

The main thing to remember is the safety of you and your passengers. Keep your anger at the situation under control. And, lastly, document absolutely everything you can about the accident.